Rising World: tutte le novità

Rising World

Kiss Ltd e JIW Games hanno annunciato la pubblicazione dell’Update 0.8 per la versione early access di Rising World. L’aggiornamento introduce due importanti aggiunte, ossia le modalità ‘Dungeons’ e ‘Weather’, oltre a svariati oggetti e strumenti.

Vi riportiamo di seguito la lista ufficiale delle caratteristiche introdotte con l’Update 0.8:

Includes underground generated structures, abandoned cabins in the woods and underwater ruins, with more dungeons to follow soon. For now, the player will be alone in the dungeons, but once enemies and all sorts of other nasty things have been added, expect them to become your worst nightmare!
This update introduces weather for the first time, including rain, snow, fog, thunder and more. Future updates will add additional weather effects such as sandstorms.
New Items
A selection of new in-game items have also been added. These include deer, boar and a polar bear, plus a number of inanimate objects, including a working gramophone (you can find some records for the gramophone in abandoned forest cabins).
Game Optimisation & Bug Fixing
Update 0.8 has also delivered multiple improvements ‘under the hood’ including greatly improved rendering and bug fixes.
Details listing the full contents in Update 0.8 can be found here.

Per ulteriori informazioni, vi rimandiamo al sito ufficiale.

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